This Survival/Addictive WYN Bullet Is a Lifesaver Tool For Drivers


In 2017 there were 20,800 accidents related to fire or water submersion, resulting in 1,874 deaths in the US. In an accident, a car may lose all electrical power or its doors are jammed. When a car falls into the water, you only have a few seconds to escape to safety.

“In September 2017 on the way home from work I witnessed an accident on the other side of the road. A car turned sideways and slammed into a tree. People immediately ran to help but the two occupants were unconscious and the car doors were locked. It took a few minutes for the fire truck to arrive, but it felt like an eternity.

I checked the news the next day and found out that the driver died. I kept wondering what if they could get to him sooner.”-WYN LABS Founder

We all hope that accidents never happen, but the hope is not enough. When it does happen are you prepared? Even if it never happens to you, knowing that you are prepared would give you that peace of mind.

This SurvivalAddictive WYN Bullet Is a Lifesaver Tool For Drivers

These incidents lead WYN LABS to build WYN Bullet™-the world’s most powerful spring-loaded emergency window breaker. Its patent-pending direct-impact technology delivers a powerful strike directly to a tungsten carbide tip, allowing the vehicle occupant to easily break car windows for emergency escape.

As small as a bullet, WYN Bullet offers a powerful spring-loaded emergency car window breaker. If this accident happened to your car, it could lose all electrical power and the doors are jammed. You only have a few seconds to escape when your car falls into the water. In these crucial seconds, an emergency vehicle escape tool can be a lifesaver.

This SurvivalAddictive WYN Bullet Is a Lifesaver Tool For Drivers

WYN Bullet is a must-have car escape/rescue tool for all safety-conscious drivers. When every second matter, you can count on it to save your life, and the lives of other people.

Developed for first responders (firefighters, law enforcement, and EMT) WYN Bullet is compact, powerful, and efficient. When your job is to save lives, you must use the best tools!

This innovative design is very compact and efficient, allowing you to break tempered glass windows with ease.

This 77 mm (Length)x 13.0 mm (Diameter) WYN Bullet is compact for easy storage and access. It comes with a removable pocket clip and key-ring loop so you can always carry it with you. It is an essential addition to your everyday carry (EDC).

This SurvivalAddictive WYN Bullet Is a Lifesaver Tool For Drivers

In case of an emergency, It’s very easy to use WYN Bullet to break the car window for emergency escape. Just hold the body of the tool firmly and press the tip against the window near the bottom corners. The spring-loaded internal striker will release and hammer the ultra-hard carbide tip with a powerful force and shatter tempered glass.

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With having only 45 gr weight this innovative tool comes with a removable pocket clip and a key-ring loop.

This SurvivalAddictive WYN Bullet Is a Lifesaver Tool For Drivers
  • Designed to mimic the look of a real bullet, WYN Bullet looks strikingly beautiful and is amazingly powerful.
  • You will definitely enjoy holding this revolutionary rescue tool in your hands.
  • This small, efficient, and easy-to-use tool is made of precision machined parts with high-quality materials (STAINLESS STEEL & BLACK OXIDE FINISH).

You need to keep that in mind that WYN Bullet will only work on tempered glass NOT on laminated glass.

The tungsten carbide tip is not sharp to cut the skin even if pressed against your finger.

It’s made of Tungsten Carbide, one of the hardest man-made material on earth.

WYN Bullet is a highly addictive and effective focus tool too. Pressing and releasing the bullet head with your finger has a tantalizing effect. The bullet tip creates a high-pressure point but is not sharp to cut your skin. The more you press, the higher the pressure. If you press it all the way and release the internal striker, it will give you anything from a jolt to a sharp shock, depending on where you place the tip. The goal is to get as close to the edge without being struck.