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This Smart Lock-Keys Has A Guest Mode, Is Impossible To Duplicate, And Offers You Security Through Your Smartphone

Have you got tired by the habit of leaving your key behind at your home while going to work, doesn’t like “accidental guests” waiting outside your home while you are away at work then this smart door lock and keys from Netatmo are perfect for you.

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys are fully customizable and impossible to duplicate.

The most awesome thing about these keys is that you can connect these lock and keys with your smartphone which has its own security app.and as time passes you can activate or deactivate them with just one click from the app.

Since this lock system comes with its own app, you no longer need to worry if your keys got stolen or lost and you don’t need to replace the whole lock system. instead what you need to do is open you app in your smartphone and just deactivate the key that got stolen or lost. if by chance you find that key again you can reactivate it again.

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Coming to the most promising feature of these keys, there are many times in our life when we forget to pick keys from home while going outside and when our work is done and when we reach home we’ll find ourself without keys and then, call and, call and, call and you know, right. The thing I found very promising In this system is that it makes your smartphone a spare key. forget your keys, take out your smartphone, and work is done.because of this feature you’ll never have to hide your keys in the flower pot again.

You can also Access the timeline of events for your home’s front door (opening and closing of the door by different users)

If your guests are coming over and you are outside and stuck with your work, this lock system gets that cover too. just simply send them an invitation, no matter wherever you are, so they can lock and unlock your door via the app.

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock is a premium lock designed to withstand physical and electronic attacks. there are many times where data of your locks got hacked. This gadget guards your home against that too and stores data locally and not in the Cloud.

This smart security gadget has the capacity to withstand physical as well as cyber-attacks and set a benchmark in security systems. they bring back a traditional lock and keys but made it far smarter than traditional ones.

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