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This Iron Man-inspired Indestructible Smartphone With 10000mAh Battery Is What You Call The Beast

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of Android smartphones in your life till now, but I’m also sure you have never seen a phone with this many features.while reading this smartphone’s features you’ll literally bite your fingers.in my opinion in feature comparison this smartphone is running 5 years ahead from the market. after reading you’ll feel like why I didn’t know about this smartphone. but if you think this in a different way, the price of this DOOGEE S88Pro smartphone is not even a little expensive if you compare it with other Android smartphones.

There are lots of features in DOOGEE S88Pro. First, it doesn’t just look indestructible, It’s been made out of indestructible materials too and works very well for travelers. if you are a traveler then you must get this phone.

Let’s Talk about its features in detail.

It’s iron Man Eye Design with The Unique Multi-Function LED Light looks fantastic. The LED light under the black translucent tempered glass is the pioneer design of DOOGEE. It works like breath light which can be lightened when there are calls, messages, and some other notice.

DOOGEE company who made this smartphone calls it’s 10000mAh Huge Capacity Battery “The Power of Soldier”. it works 200+Hours Stand By Time.this battery Offers the ultimate solution to the big battery needs of modern smartphone users. It kills your low battery anxiety.

The S88 runs on Android 10 and comes with 6GB of RAM, 128GB of ROM, and an Octa-Core processor making it as efficient as it is durable.

It has a Sony triple rear camera with 21mp main +8mp ultra-wide-angle lens +8mp portrait mode.

The most interesting and kind of unique feature I find in this smartphone is that it has a Reverse Wireless Charging technology. amazing isn’t it has a 10000mAh huge battery which can be used as a wireless Charging Station.it can be used to charge other devices wirelessly without cables. The S88 Pro can deliver 5W of output and 10W of input.

This smartphone has 2 extra customized buttons on the left side with which you can set your special apps or services with one, two, or long-press taps.

It has an Indestructible Construction as I talked before.all of its 6 Sides has been tested 1000 Time by dropping which gives us proof of its Strong Body and be called ultimately a drop-proof smartphone.

It has built with Seal Ring Spot Glue Technology and has a Dual Waterproof System so you can Go Diving without thinking about the consequences.

MIL-STD 810G is a series of drop tests designed by the US Department of Defense to determine the “environmental worthiness and overall durability of material system design”.


IP68 built for intensive outdoor use and the most hazardous environment.it Has been tested in all conditions, it’s resistant to damage from dropping, water immersion and flushing, shock, and impact.IP68 means fit enough to withstand dust, dirt, and sand, and are resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to 30 minutes.

DOOGEE S88Pro is a dustproof System, Say goodbye to dust and sand diameter >1mm. they also did low presser, humidity, acidic atmosphere, and solar radiation tests.

As you can see with this kind of feature, it’s quite a handy smartphone for travelers. to give the maximum traveling experience it has an inbuilt survival software apps pack (9 apps included).

It has quite a special gesture navigation system to control the phone easily.

With its specialized cover, you’ll get a reinforced special screen sink protection. Note that you’ll need to buy the cover separately.

It has 3 Colors Finish to Choose from fire orange, army green, and mineral green.

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