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This Curved Screen Smartwatch Is What you Call A Spectacular Gadget

There are lots of smartwatches are coming into the market lately. some are good but some are so bad that can ruin your entire experience of buying these smartwatches and can make you feel like “I’m never gonna buy a smartwatch again”. these companies lure you with the coolest themes and features but when you bought it you’ll feel like you haven’t got what you’ve thought you gonna bought.so you need to keep that in mind lots of things.do not go for random companies with close eyes and try to buy things from reputed companies. today I’m gonna show a recently launched coolest Curved screen smartwatch “Amazfit X” from Huami which can make your life better as well as making you look cool in front of other people.

The Amazfit X is all curves, so it fits your wrist whether you’re shaking hands in the boardroom or crushing goals in the gym. It’s designed with a 92° curvature that helps the Amazfit X rest comfortably on your wrist. Falling asleep wearing the Amazfit X is no problem — with all these curves, it’s designed with “Do Not Disturb” in mind. With its extra-wide curved display, the Amazfit X show more important stuff on your wrist, without all the scrolling to find it. With a color-rich 2.07” curved display, this watch gives you more room for apps to track your health and organize your day. And less time spent scrolling to find what you need.

The watch takes All the responsibilities of handling your personal agendas, such as notifying incoming calls or messages and reminding you of sitting too long, not to mention calling for events and schedules.

Amazfit X has A 100-point scoring system to make healthier living simple and fun. The better you move, the higher your score. Count your steps each day. Measure your calories. Get reminders when you’re sitting too much. And let the Amazfit X nudge you towards a higher score for your health.


Intricate in its design, Amazfit X exemplifies clarity with a 326 PPI HD resolution and enhances its expression through a 400 NIT high-brightness display so that you can Enjoy sharp and bright display even under direct light.

Additionally, it’s titanium alloy uni-body makes the watch extremely lightweight and the design super sleek.

The Amazfit X smartwatch features a minimalistic design that does away with buttons and crowns that can dig on your wrist. Instead, this watch stays sleek with a pressure-sensitive sensor that helps you access everything with a press of your finger.


It has a high-powered lithium battery which allows you to fit more battery power into the Amazfit X. The Amazfit X delivers a full 7-day battery life so you don’t need to sacrifice features like professional level heart rate monitoring, round the clock text and call notifications, and tracking for at least a week.

Heart rate monitoring

Amazfit X smartwatch monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day, continuously and uninterruptedly, for more comprehensive fitness data on a glance.

Gps tracking feature

Amazfit X Smartwatch gives you two of the world’s top Geo-tracking systems on your side which are GPS and GLONASS. it’ll give you pinpoint accuracy even on your most unfamiliar routes. So you can run further than ever. With Confidence and If one system has trouble finding you, the other one will jump in to help. So you can have peace of mind even when you travel abroad, knowing you’ve got both satellite systems lighting your way.

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Blood cells monitoring

Your blood cells need the right balance of oxygen to keep you healthy. And to keep your mind sharp and alert. The Amazfit X uses an infrared light test to measure your blood oxygen levels without pricking fingers.

Multi-Sports mode

Amazfit X smartwatch has 9 versatile sports modes, it offers customizable tracking and coaching for every activity. It’s the coach on your wrist giving you the stats and the motivation you need to level up. Whether you’re open water swimming or cycling in the gym, the Amazfit X smartwatch can get you the most out of every workout.

You can Take your Amazfit X in swimming without worry. With water resistance up to 50 meters, this watch will help push you through your laps and improve your personal best time.

Amazfit X uses Its “Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI)” gives you easy to understand assessments, helping you set and then crush your fitness goals.

“PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence): It is a science-backed health score, which measures the impact of your physical activity on your heart and guides you to a longer, healthier life. Back by Professor Ulrik Wisloff’s HUNT Fitness Study (lasted 25 years and involved 45,000 participants), maintaining 100 PAI or more is scientifically proven to provide maximum protection from heart disease and other lifestyle diseases.”

Peaceful sleep

You can’t wear most of the smartwatch during sleep because it Stings on your wrist while getting pressed, With its curved design, you’ll barely notice the Amazfit X on your wrist as it follows you through the 4 stages of sleep: Light Sleep (Stages 1 and 2), Deep Sleep, and REM. It tracks you 24/7 to give you accurate, insightful data to help you understand and improve your sleeping patterns. The Amazfit X can even monitor your napping so that you can find the best time and length for that midday recharge.

Custom Faces

Amazfit X smartwatch comes With many customized watch faces, you can find themes to suit your personality, the season, or one that gets you in the holiday spirit. you can choose from up to 40+ widgets to put on your big curved display. The Amazfit X makes it simple to put more of yourself into your watch.


As the watch bands are made of fluoro rubber, the material texture is soft and skin-friendly, which would be the best gear for sports as well as the most simplistic presentation according to most users’ profiles. It comes with 2 different sizes of bands for you to choose which one works best for you. The original band ranging from 145mm~180mm is installed readily on the watch, while the additional one wraps your wrist with a length at 162mm~205mm, which you can easily switch to upon discovering the other one being too tight. Whichever fits better, you can decide.


You only need to remove the Amazfit X before you hit the shower because all that steam can affect the seal and make it less water-resistant next time.


This smartwatch is also Made with multiple handy settings such as Do Not Disturb, nap mode, timer, stopwatch, wake-up alarms, and weather forecast. Your outings will be hassle-free and very well established.

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