These Products Has Abilities To Add Minimalism Into Your Lifestyle


Before going into products and starting this blog let’s talk about what kind of person you are?, are you the kind of person that keeps their stuff anywhere in the world! haha, I mean literally, or are you the person who likes to keep his/her stuff organized daily and very much like his stuff clean and neat .and if you are the second type of person then this stuff is for you because for other people this stuff doesn’t matter and for them, it’s like wasting money on silly stuff. And you’ll love this if you’re into minimal products which you are in my opinion otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right.

First of all these products are from Grovemade and there is lots of stuff there on their website but I chose specifically 4 products which you’ll love if you are into a minimalist lifestyle.

First one is a black task knife which is one of the best designed knife i have seen so far and which has designed specifically for opening boxes and other light-duty uses at your desk.this (4.75″ x 0.65″ x 0.25″) knife is made from solid stainless steel which is as you know practically indestructible with a matte black ceramic coating and feels excellent in hand.To get a maximum quality knife is manufactured entirely in Portland and has its own stand as you can see in the pictures.

Take little caution here before buying this knife set that you need to choose both (knife + knife holder) from the drop-down menu otherwise you’ll only get a knife that later you’ll use to kill me for not giving proper information.

As said before this knife is for light-duty use. for maximum sharpness and high-quality blade steel you need to consider their black minimalist knife.

With a 440C hand sharpened Steel Blade, this Black Minimalist Knife is inspired by the classic Japanese Higonokami. with crisp lines and refined angles, It’s a simple and classic mechanism that makes it’s construction lightweight. The black ceramic cerakote finish is smooth and durable, created to stand up to years of use.

The Third one is a Stainless Steel Keychain which is made from a solid block of steel. The keychain is made to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use and has an inbuilt bottle opener to cracking into soda, no matter where you are.

With the weight of 1.2 oz this keychain has been designed to hook quickly on and off your belt loop, yet small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket.

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The last one is a Pen Which is machined from solid aluminum and has a body to last a lifetime.

This pen uses a high quality Schmidt P8126 rollerball inserts and also has a matte black ceramic coating finish.

A premium hardwood stand on your desk which is made with natural materials makes your office’s interior design have a more positive effect on your guests or clients. This minimal pen is designed to improve your workflow, keep them close by for when inspiration strikes.

The three facets create a triangle grip that feels stable and slim in your hand.

The ink twists into place with a satisfying pop. which is so addictive.