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The Mohican, A Tiny Cabin With Not So Tiny Facilities

I’ve been in love with tiny cabins and the cabins on the wheels lately. Especially I watch Modern Tiny Living’s on Instagram and on youtube. these guys make the best tiny cabin-like ever. I think they shoot for some other people too. it’s quite adorable that these cabins are actually as tiny as the name suggests. they make things fit in spaces where no one can imagine to do so and make every inch count. It’s not like they gave up interiors while designing space for people, they decorate that cabin too. So Finally, today we going to look at one of the tiny cabins from Modern Tiny Living.

This cabin is made from 20 by 8.5 ft Custom container and has been named MOHICAN.it’s been featured as one of the Top 25 Tiny Homes in the United States by VacationIdea.com and several others.

The Mohican is a true testament to high-end craftsmanship, careful architecture, mobility, and livability-all at an extremely competitive price.

On the first floor, you can get a maximum of 160 square feet and 70 square feet in the loft. this cabin weighs almost 9000 lbs.

It has Double Paned Windows by Anderson and Interior Walls & Cabinets are by Poplar.

With the contrast of the white vs Brown Maple Countertop, Barn Doors, and Shelves this cabin look fabulous from inside. it also has a Custom Barndoor Bathroom Entry.

With Galvanized pipe handles, fixtures, and a metal roof That has 40 years warranty, this cabin gives us the proof that it’s gonna be here for a long time.

In this 20 by 8 feet cabin they’ve set up so many storage areas like in Stairs, over-head kitchen, loft, downstairs closet, cabinets around the fridge, and much more.

This cabin has a cute little bed on the upper level which can make you feel infatuated while sleeping on it.

In the kitchen top, this cabin has a 32-inch farmer sink and premium faucet and 3 top propane stove.

It has a Brown Maple Butcher block counter as you read before with a removable sink cutting board.

They’ve set up the fridge in 9.9 cube feet to give you the maximum extra space of the cabin.

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In the bathroom they’ve fitted Nature’s Head Spider Handle Composting Toilet. on the left side, they even have fit Side Faucet Sink and 32-inch x 32-inch shower area. fantastic isn’t it.

This cabin also has Rheem 30 amp hot water heater with 50 amp plug-in.

To give insulation, in walls, ceilings, and floors they made em 3 inches closed cell with sprayed foam.

If you are interested in making this kind of cabin or something interesting for yourself you can contact them. MODERN TINY LIVING can make the cabin as you desire them to be.

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