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The Coldest Offline Crypto Wallet With The World’s Highest Security Certification

Have you heard the news! Even cryptocurrencies are not safe nowadays, come on people. Every single day, millions of dollars get stolen from the user’s wallets. Cryptocurrency theft topped a record $2.5 billion in 2018 and an astounding $4.3 billion in 2019. but it’s been said where there’s security is increasing, thieves are getting smarter too.think about this like you collect so many cryptocurrencies through days or months of mining or through other people and one day all of it! Just gone.so to solve this problem NGRAVE created an offline crypto wallet and as the name suggests it’s a Coldest Wallet with secure and intuitive end-to-end solutions.

Two years ago, three co-founders of NGRAVE came together and asked each other for a solution that would entrust their very first to their last bitcoin. At that time they couldn’t find the answer. So they decided to build it themselves. today they’ve built the ZERO wallet, which makes you Truly own what is yours.

ZERO is Built from the ground up with world-leading technology and security players. they’ve developed ZERO together with the end-user for an easy and intuitive user experience.

The most important and kind of awesome feature of zero is that it’s 100% offline. even Your secret keys are generated offline so it’s never going to be exposed

These are one of the key features of zero:

Zero is secure because it has Multi-layered anti-tampering.

It’s The first blockchain technology product that earned the EAL 7 security certification.

It’s Pocket-size with a high-end touch screen and has seamless QR codes based communication

In case you forget your keys it has a stainless steel backup solution that takes care of your worries.

To achieve its maximum quality, zero is fully manufactured in Belgium.

let’s go in the details to learn more about this amazing wallet:

The NGRAVE’s ZERO is designed with the greatest attention to detail, featuring the highest security certification(EAL 7) and the most advanced contemporary cryptographic protocols, all hidden behind a slick touch screen for a seamless experience.

It’s a fully offline device, providing the most extreme form of protection against online hackers. As the ZERO never needs to connect over USB, Bluetooth, NFC, Wifi, 4G, or any other network connection, hackers simply cannot even attempt to steal your crypto.

Underneath the NGRAVE ZERO’s multiple layers of physical protection, the device also embeds a Secure Element (SE) that is specifically designed to be an additional vault for your private keys (the secret access keys to your funds).

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For the first time ever, you don’t have to worry about any third party potentially finding or figuring out your key, not even NGRAVE.

Existing solutions that are currently available in the market, give you a key, so they may have a database holding all the keys they ever made, including yours.

They also rely completely on the interior chip for generating your key, and also here there could be backdoors, as has not even NGRAVE, been proven in recent history.

The ZERO introduces a whole new key generation process that not only relies on the interior chip, but that also includes your biometrics and your surrounding light. The ZERO also lets you interact with the key, in an offline setting. as result no one, but you will ever know your key, as you made it offline and together with the device. This time, you are in control.

The ZERO has been developed together with the end-user over multiple feedback iterations. As a result a seamless & intuitive experience with true offline peace of mind.

After setting up your dashboard on the ZERO, you can sync all your accounts to your mobile app with a QR-code generated on the ZERO. With a simple scan from your smartphone, the mobile app gets access to all the generated public addresses. Private keys remain safely offline on the ZERO, and you obtain a real-time overview of all your accounts.

With zero Making a transaction couldn’t be easier and your private keys are kept offline at all times.

The Zero is also resistant against water & corrosion damage and is shock & buried-proof.

If you lose your ZERO, it is important that you have a backup of your keys. Today’s answer is a “paper wallet”, meaning you make a backup of your keys on a piece of paper. They just couldn’t let that pass as a valid solution.


So, they built the GRAPHENE. cool man…

Made of high-quality stainless steel that can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 1660 degrees Celsius (3020° Fahrenheit), your GRAPHENE will still be there in the event of your house burns down.

And they didn’t stop there. The GRAPHENE is a cryptographic puzzle of two “agnostic” plates: if someone finds one of the plates, they have zero information on your actual key. Both plates are required to recover the key.

The GRAPHENE allows you to finally safely keep each part of your backup in a separate location as an additional measure of security.

Truly the coldest of all backups, isn’t it.

As a little Summary:

  1. Create your key on your ZERO
  2. Emboss your key on the GRAPHENE with the special embossing pen
  3. Hide your GRAPHENE plates somewhere safe, preferably each plate at a different location. like James bond haha….

For your last-mile communication to the blockchain, They have developed their own mobile app called LIQUID.

Sync your accounts from the ZERO with a single QR code to have real-time access to your crypto positions. Lean back and relax, your private keys remain offline on the ZERO.

All cryptographic support is already available in your ZERO. also they’re are continuously adding new coins.

ZERO supports the 22 coins above including all ERC20 tokens (1000+).

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