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The Cleankey Can Saves You From Touching Doors/Atm Touch Screens In This pandemic

How is your day going In pandemic? some countries are still under curfew, some countries are letting people out but with lots of restrictions, like with masks and touching prohibitions. while we are going out in pandemic there are lots of time where you think people have made contact with certain things like an atm, public doors handle, etc, which makes you feel weird like I should touch this door or not and solve this problem recently a company launched a CLEANKEY which you disclose these problems of yours.

CLEANKEY can let you avoid direct contact with high-touch surfaces like public doors, store checkouts, and sharing buttons.

Its Ergonomic design makes it easy to open doors, press buttons & pull levers

If you use CLEANKEY it’ll Reduce the point-of-contact area by over 99%.

CLEANKEY can be very easy to carry on your KeySmart or the keychains of sort.

By the way, key smart is one of the customized gadgets that they made before, which actually works as a keychain plus it has some daily usable tools inbuilt in it. you need to check that out too for sure.

The Portable USB Cable That Fits On Your Keychain And Has Inbuilt Sim Ejector And Micro card Storage

Coming back to CLEANKEY which provide us the no-touch way to use public doors, store checkouts, and sharded buttons, which is made with premium copper alloy, 70% copper & 30% zink

CLEANKEY is even very easy to clean with steel wool or a disinfectant wipe (will not tarnish or corrode the copper alloy) and also has included a free retractable carabiner.

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