Stand Aside, Popsocket… This Smartphone Grip-Stand Is Thin, Smart And Magnetic


Tell me how many times you have used a custom popsockets from amazon and failed? okay leave it, tell me what’s the most depressing part in using those gadgets? Let me tell you what I think. Most of the time this kind of thing stuck while putting your phone into your pants and that’s the most frustrating thing to happen while working, right. if that’s the problem you are trying to solve then this is the best phone gripper you can find on the internet.

This Smartphone Grip-Stand Is Thin, Smart And Magnetic

I’m sure you have seen many popsocket on amazon, on ebay, on youtube reviews, cheap one, custom one but i can guarantee you have never heard of this alternative and will fall in love with this one.

I’ve never really been a fan of this kind of phone gripper thing but, ohsnap changed my mind about that and that’s amazing like how technology can change the way you think about certain things as time passes by.

Btw, May i present to you a mini phone stand-gripper that won’t get caught on your pants! and not just this, there’s more features in ohsnap.

Ohsnap is 61mm in diameter & 3mm, the thinnest one you can find in the market,right.

The Ohsnap is ring-based grip-stand that is fully flexible and rotates all 360 degrees so you can get the best gripping angle for your style.

It has basically 2 plain colors “Black and white”. which combines with multiple colors like yellow, red and gives 12 color options for you to choose from.That color variation gives it a cool look for boys and even for girls.

Its ring-based design makes it compatible with every phone and even with most phone cases even cases with stickers (as long as there’s a flat surface to adhere the Ohsnap), and that elastic band works easily with hands of all sizes, allowing you to grip the phone when you need to, and retracting into its 3mm avatar when you don’t.

Ohsnap is also a 3-angle stand, so whether you’re on facetime with your friends or taking a break to watch some YouTube, this handy kickstand has you covered.

Makers of it also designed it magnetically, which lets you stick your phone anywhere like a fridge,gym equipment or in a car as per your needs.

If your ohsnap grip gets damaged or broken, it has a lifetime replacement guarantee, that’s right a lifetime guarantee.but you need to keep in mind that after a year you’ll need to pay for shipping charges, you’ll get product replacement free but you need to pay for shipping.

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Most of the time this kind of phone gripper couldn’t let you connect with wireless chargers or create problems while charging. ohsnap grip has worked with every wireless charger on which it’s been tested. but to give their maximum they’ve developed their own wireless charger, snapcharge and the interesting part about this wireless charger is that it’s also magnetic so you can stick anywhere you wanna use this as you like.

Snapcharge uses the Qi charging standard which works Universal with almost all devices including wireless charging enabled phones, Airpods, and more.snapcharge mounts magnetically and has a usb c cable included, with 15w power output.

Snapcharge also sticks to your magnetic car mount for a quick and easy charge, on the go.