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Frost Summits-A waterproof Smart Solar Charger & Power Bank That Works in temperatures as low as -58°F

When you’re out there in nature, climbing a snow-covered mountain, trekking through the wilderness, camping in extreme weather, or walking through a hellish desert, you need to be prepared for everything. Frost summits do exactly that, and so much more.

Frost summits is the world’s first IoT 7.2w smart solar charger and 5000mAh pocket-sized power bank pack made especially for those who reach for extreme experiences. along with that there’s a box connect app which tracks your energy performance in real-time.

Basically there are three main products in this package. two physical & 3rd is an App.
1. summit 7
2. frost 5000 (portable power bank)
3. box connect app
we will go through each three of them one by one.

Summit 7 is basically solar panels which observes energy from the sun and puts it into frost 5000 which is as the name suggests 5000mah power bank.

You can charge devices with the energy generated from the sun. Just open the solar panel to face the sun and plug the USB wires into your device. With FROST 5000, energy is stored in a high-performance battery. You simply need to plug a charging cable into your device.

You must be thinking that well, like any other device in the market why do we need this so the answer to that question is in the next few paragraphs.

Frost summits is made for extreme conditions. It is shockproof, waterproof, dustproof and ready for anything you can throw at it. Additionally, FROST SUMMIT’S goal is to obtain the MIL-STD (Military standard specs) to test for endurance and rugged design. cool right, I mean that is the most futuristic thing I have heard in my life.

The charger and power bank operate in places where other products simply do not work, in temperatures as low as -58°F. With Frost summits in your backpack, you have a light-weight power supply that uses renewable resources to ensure all your devices stay charged.

You can charge in overcast, cloudy, rainy, indoor lighting conditions. Using the Box Connect App with a phone and Summits7 allows you to measure the charging speed in real time.

You will be able to charge smartphones, cameras, GPS, portable batteries, speakers, or any type of device that can be charged by a USB port.

You can use Summits 7 and Frost 5000 to charge 2 separate devices at the same time (1 device charged from each). Each product has a one USB port to maintain the best performance during the plug-in.

You can charge your iPhone in between 2 and 3 hours using Summits 7 (solar charger), on a sunny day.

You can charge your phone with solar charger in 3 hours, gopro in 90 minutes and smartwatch in just an hour, while if you use frost 5000 it would take 1 hour for your phone, gopro in 45 minutes and smartwatch in 30 minutes.

The solar panels that are used in summit 7 are the toughest portable panels in the market. It is prepared to charge in the roughest environments.
The 7 watts of power in each monocrystalline photovoltaic panel are due to the most advanced technology for non-aerospace use. Efficiency is increased with an exterior coat of state-of-the-art ETFE, a polymer component that redirects sunlight to the panel. This material is up to 10 times more transparent to ultraviolet (UV) light than glass.

Combined weight of 390 grams/ 13.7 ounces Summits 7 weigh: 240 grams / 8.5 ounces FROST 500 weight: 150 grams / 5.3 ounces, this portable package is made to get beat up. Depending on the kind of use that you have in mind, the product should last 5 years at minimum. The solar panels are built to specifications for a life cycle of 20 years.

FROST 5000 power banks take about 6 hours to fully charge from SUMMITS 7 solar charger depending on how sunny the day is, Charging from an outlet takes about 4 hours at best.

With Frost 5000 fully charged, it can take between 3 weeks to 5 weeks for the battery to drain if it is not in use, Depending on the weather conditions.

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Frost 5000 battery is a LiPo specified to maintain the current and can be charged at -20°C and discharged at -50°C. The battery is equipped with an active self-heating function when detecting temperatures below 0.

The box connect app tracks energy performance and recommends travel plans. The app also measures CO2-avoiding emissions, keeps historical performance data, and recommends travel plans. The box connect app pairs the frost summits hardware to your smartphone for the ultimate outdoor adventure experience.it also lets you interact and share your experience with friends and the family via social media apps.

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