Daliborfarny’s Zen Nixie Clock Adds Industrial Style Into Your Home


In the 60s and 70s, nixie tubes were used on the digital display of high-end scientific equipment. But soon LED and LCDs took their place. Inspired by the originals that were manufactured in East Germany, daliborfarny’s R|Z568M nixie tubes offer just the font, structure, and proportion needed to act as a perfect backdrop for their original timepiece. They’re so proud of being the only company which makes nixie tubes, worldwide. Resurrect an important era with a showpiece that employs the same vintage vacuum tubes that drove major advancements in science and technology of yesteryear.

Daliborfarny’s Zen Nixie Clock Adds Industrial Style Into Your Home

This six-tube master-piece is designed using original commercially made R|Z568M Nixie tubes to provide uniquely minimalist industrial looks.

If You look at this zen nixie clock you’ll feel that in your heart that this is the work of art.

In Zen Nixie Clock, there are 8 RGB LEDs (WS2812B – “neopixels”) on the bottom of the board which make some cool effects possible. Purist customers who prefer nixie tube glow only can set the underlight off.

A Zen Nixie Clock is crafted by hand and designed with exquisite attention to detail.

Daliborfarny’s Zen Nixie Clock Adds Industrial Style Into Your Home

It’s the largest Nixie clock currently available in the clock world with digits 50mm in height.

They’ve used the OptiWhite glass for glass cover to optimizes clarity and minimizes green tint produced through standard glass containing iron.
They’ve Chose a premium scratch-resistant black anodizing for a smooth, even surface with fine texture. Its stand and parts are crafted to enhance, not detract from, your clock’s natural charm and its stunning nixie tube display.

This Popsocket’s thick competitor is amazing

With the size of 580mm x 133mm x 200mm and the weight of 7.15 kg (15.7 lbs), this Minimalist watch runs between 90-240 VAC 50-60Hz voltage range.it consumes 7W Power while underlight LEDs turned off and 11W while underlight LEDs turned on.

An interesting thing about this Zen Nixie Clock is that you can modify time zone or visual effects from any internet-connected computer, smartphone, or tablet.to sync this clock or to set up an accurate time as per your time zone, you need to connect it to your device through your wifi or internet.you will have your personal panel on the website. It’s possibly the easiest clock you’ll ever own. In case of power loss, the clock remembers all the settings and time will be synchronized automatically from the internet. you don’t need to search for a user guide every time you want to make a change in settings. In my opinion, this is the first clock I see that connects to the internet and gets online for firmware updates.

Daliborfarny’s Zen Nixie Clock Adds Industrial Style Into Your Home

The clock’s mechanism makes it absolutely silent, there is no audible noise produced by its electronics.

If you put this minimalist yet industrial looking clock in your bedroom or living room you’ll feel it’s presence in your room. This nixie clock kinda makes you feel like you own a Minimalistic widget.

Each Zen Nixie Clock comes with a comprehensive 10-year product warranty.

Although Daliborfarny’s Zen Nixie Clock is quite expensive in comparison to other manufacturers so if want to go for some cheaper alternatives you can but remember the “alternatives” which I called cheaper are also not that cheap, you know what I mean right.

I’ve also linked alternatives Below so you can compare your price ranges.