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3d Printed iPhone X Cases Which Make You Feel Like Sculpture In Your Hand

I’m not gonna debate with you guys about apple doesn’t make the cool cases for their iPhones today. I’m gonna talk about Matthijs Kok who made cool cases for iPhone x which is not the only 3d printed it looks sculptural and so cool compare to other cases out there right now. Matthijs Kok isn’t only making iPhone cases he’s also made 3d printed, sculptural vases, and lamps too.

He made several types of cases for iPhone we’ll talk about that one by one.

The first one is called a fold case.

This sculptural Fold Case is as functional as it is elegant. The iconic architectural fold flows from the contour of the iPhone X, resulting in an intriguing silhouette that’s both sculptural, yet functional.

The Fold Collection explores the fluent, dynamic movement of draped textiles and their geometry. Draped in intricate ways, the Fold Case curves smoothly along the iPhone X’s exterior. Influenced by structured garments and architectural lines, the smooth, undulating pattern creates a topographical landscape, radiating from the outer contour towards the inner signature fold. This results in a characteristic silhouette with an emphasis on structure, shape, and form.

The Fold Case is constructed from strong and flexible nylon plastic. This makes the case strong and light but also enhances the design by making it slightly bendable and giving it flexibility, helping to absorb shocks. The shape is not only designed to be sculptural but also functional. The asymmetric design wraps around the iPhone, protecting the device everywhere it needs protection.

Fold case comes in a modern minimalist palette to match the monochrome iPhone X in White, black, grey, teal & brown colors

All Fold Cases are dyed by hand and so the color might slightly differ.

The second one is the Tide Marble Case.

The Tide Marble Nero & Tide Marble Carrara stands for minimalism like no other. A matte black minimalist bumper combined with a three-dimensional plate of monochrome marble makes this case modern, elegant, and chic. An essential piece featuring a clean aesthetic.

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Cutting through the water, feeling heavenly as you hear the crashing waves against the stone. The purity and fluidity of mother nature are captured in the Tide Case its rippled, faux marble plate. Features beautiful, the intricate texture of marble in the colors Nero and Carrara.

Matthijs Kok his work pivots primarily on an ambition to combine art and design, by working with unique materials and processes, pushing boundaries of material and production possibilities. Matthijs was given the opportunity to be one of the first to explore the possibilities of this 2.5D printing technology, ” Project Eiger” developed by Océ Technologies BV (Canon Group). This 2.5D print is built with layers of ink forming a relief with unlimited color schemes.

Inspiration for this project is taken from nature, in the form of raindrops falling onto a water surface, creating interfering water waves. The design embeds surface complexity and refraction, appearing the marble to be transformed from static to fluid by the subtle waves and ripples, frozen in time. The surface reflects light in a dynamic way, creating a subtle fluid dynamic. This intricate texture, applied to the marble surface creates an unexpected contradicting look and feel, desirable to touch.

The third one is called Anemone Case.

Drawing you into an unknown dimension, this exotic delicate petal texture is inspired by the sea anemones in the ocean’s enchanting world of the deep. The hidden world of the deep, a world of beauty, of peace, of mystery, but also of danger and a dark side.

The collection consists of five phone case designs, with each anemone differently positioned and bursting in various aurora-toned colors, leaping out from the black backdrop. Each meticulous color detail is placed in a different position emulating the variety of the ocean just like nature itself. The delicate petal details stick out of the darkness, like the flowing arms of sea anemones at the bottom of the sea… Swaying away…

The fourth one is called Geo Case.

Bending and moving reflections of vertical depths pouring steeply into unchartered, unexplored crevasses, the fragmented surfaces of the Geo Case reflect light, creating an optical illusion and a surreal vision where space, movement, and time are blurred.

It’s Available in three striking colorways that flatter the infinite shapes. Immense red, flat grey, piercing black.

The Collection doesn’t end here there are so much more patterns on freshfiber’s catalogue. Make sure to check it out.

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